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Moldovans and foreign guests disappointed about the National Wine Day 2012

The National Wine Day  held on Saturday and Sunday, October 6-7, at MoldExpo Center did not meet the expectations of Chisinau citizens and foreign guests.

The area of the exhibition center was insufficient for participating wine-making companies and for visitors. Because of the exorbitant participation fee, wine-makers had to establish modest stands, that were full of people willing to taste or to buy some wines.

The highly publicized participation (for the first time ever) of leading Transnistrian enterprises Kvint and Buket Moldavii was nothing but a bluff. As usual, they were represented by the Chisinau Company Kvint-Plus, whose prices were three-fold higher than in Transnistria. Moreover, all the brandies, vodkas and wines presented by Kvint-Plus were not for sale.

The participation of top Moldovan officials: Parliament Speaker Marian Lupu, Prime Minister Vlad Filat, as well as other high-ranking guests, was held under the same scenario as during the Communists’ leadership. Ordinary visitors were asked to quit the stands and to make way to the official delegation. The concert on the central stage, which brought together well-known Moldovan singers and bands, ended immediately after the delegation left the exhibition center.

The flaming sun, the unusual heat and the crowd present at the event, did not contribute to the creation of a festive atmosphere, in spite of the cheap ‘tulburel’ [young wine], theatrical wine-processing shows and pretty girls in folk costumes.

Among the most popular dishes was shashlik [grilled meat] that wasn’t of the best quality. The exorbitant prices (36 lei [about US$3] for 100 grams of meat), the big queues, the limited number of places and the poor sanitary conditions, have disappointed many visitors of the National Wine Day.


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