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Majority of National Wine Day: How it was







Over 70 thousand people celebrated the National Wine Day in the Great National Assembly Square, in the first weekend of October!

Arrived at the 18th edition, the National Wine Day, it gathered a record number of 68 winemakers gathered under the national wine brand “Moldul Wine. A living legend. ” For the first time, the emblematic event of our country, passed beyond the Great National Assembly Square, encompassing the whole Cathedral of the “Birth of the Lord” Cathedral and the pedestrian street “E. Doga ”from Chisinau.

Together with the National Office of Vine and Wine, organizer of the largest wine festival in Eastern Europe, about 1600 people worked to make the holiday unfold.

ZNV-2019 – increased, celebrated by fair and moderate wine consumption

They celebrated the 18th edition of the most important holiday for the wine industry and winemakers, who managed to sell more than 80 thousand bottles of wine products and to fill over 45,000 times the glasses of the Tasting Card holders. To provide guests with a guided experience in the Grand National Assembly Square, 42 guides organized tours at the PMAN winery stands, accompanying over 400 tourists.

And at the “Wine School”, 450 visitors learned more about the PGI areas and the terroir that underlies the product of national pride, thanks to the master classes organized by the experts of the National Office of Wine and Wine and sommeliers. In order to promote the correct and moderate consumption of wine, 1500 single-use labels were distributed here.

ZNV-2019 – one more step towards “eco-friendly” holiday status

The concept of sustainability, included in the event for several years, has been extended, so the anniversary edition of the National Wine Day recorded the following results:

  •  Increase by 200% of the quantity of waste sorted (compared to the edition of 2018) – 18 tons. As a result, more than 5 tons of plastic, cardboard and glass will be recycled;
  •  50% reduction of electricity consumed for on-stage activities (compared to the 2018 edition) – 70 KW
  •  25% reduction in the quantity of waste discharged (compared to the 2018 edition) – 59 tons;
  • Almost 1000 visitors opted for ecological transportation to the detriment of cars.

ZNV-2019 – 9000 visitors opted for a wine tour

The National Wine Day contributes not only to the promotion of Moldovan Wine as a product of

quality, but also of the tourist potential of the country, each time managing to attract in the country’s wineries an increasing number of tourists. This year, the wineries in the country opened their doors for about 9 000 visitors, who bought over 13 thousand bottles of wine at the producer price and tasted another 900 bottles.

The wineries offered them a gourmet treat and a tailor-made cultural program, and guests were convinced that Moldova is a wine tourism destination worth visiting.

ZNV-2019 – the No.1 attraction for tourists and journalists from abroad

Because it is the only national holiday dedicated to wine in the world, the National Wine Day, celebrated in Moldova, attracts thousands of tourists every year. The 2019 edition was no exception – the majority of the festival convinced many guests from abroad to visit our country this autumn. Only at the Chisinau International Airport, in the days preceding the holiday, 4 thousand foreigners descended from airplanes received bottles of wine as a sign of “Welcome!”, Along with a free prepay card, with minutes included. For the first time, this year, every tourist who came to the country, on the eve of the National Wine Day, received an SMS message inviting him to participate in the celebration.

Eager to discover and rediscover the product of national pride, there were 83 journalists representing the media from 14 states: Belgium, France, Austria, Finland, USA, Romania, Ukraine, Russia, China, Czech Republic, Italy, Poland, Korea, Japan. Everyone will come home and tell the locals – at a talk, on the pages of newspapers or blogs about the quality of Moldovan Wine, about the beautiful traditions of the Moldovan people and about the pride with which we show them year by year.

ZNV-2019 – an opportunity to highlight the successes achieved in the wine sector

National Wine Day is the most important holiday for the wine industry – a strategic branch of the economy of the Republic of Moldova. Over 200,000 Moldovans work dedicated to creating the product of national pride, over 29,000 companies are active in the wine and wine tourism sector, and the wine sector represents almost 1/5 of the value created by the agri-food industry. That is why, the National Wine Day is the holiday that highlights not only the Moldovan Wine, but also the work of those involved in the production, marketing

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