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Moldovan winners of contest “Polobocul de aur 2012” nominated

Winners of the contest for the best home-made wine “Polobocul de aur 2012” were nominated today on the occasion of National Wine Days, due at Moldexpo on 6-7 October. They are from the districts of Cahul, Orhei, Grigoriopol, Causeni, Ialoveni, Comrat and Hincesti.

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) organized the contest aimed at remarking the best home-made wine producers, promoting the national traditions of making wines at home, rising the consumption culture and facilitating the exchange of experience between them. The winners received prizes (120- and 50-liter barrels).

CCI chairman Gheorghe Cucu in his speech delivered at the event noted that “in comparison with the first issues of the contest, the commission’s members ascertained an obvious rise in the wines quality. It proves that the amateur wine-makers take into accout the experts’ recommendations and advice, but their attitude towards wine does not consist in willing to sell it and get benefit. Wine-making is not only a branch of Moldova’s economy, but a secular tradition of our country and people”, Cucu stressed.

Cucu also noted that the wine samples have been appreciated by professional people.

The “Polobocul de aur 2012” contest was held in two stages. The regional one took place at the CCI branches from Cahul, Gagauzia, Hincesti, Orhei, Tighina, Balti and Ungheni in February-March 2012. About 700 home-made wine samples competed for the prize, and 96 of them got in the final.

During the 11 issues, there have been presented over 6,000 home-made wine samples at the contest, out of which over 110 were winners.


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