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The volume of Moldovan wine exports rose by nine percent

The volume of Moldovan wine exports rose by nine percent last year compared to 2017. That means that abroad they reached about ten million bottles more. Data from the National Vine and Wine Office show that the largest amount is paid to the Poles, with a share of 15 percent.

The second and third place were Romania and the Czech Republic, with the export volume for each country being 13 percent. In Russia, which once held an 80 percent share, it now reaches only 12 of the total exports. Fifth China Importers.

In 2018, the average export price of a bottle increased by 13 percent and reached two dollars and 10 cents, a sign that foreigners are ready to pay more for Moldovan wines. Victor Bostan is a shareholder at two wine factories and boasts the highest export growth for 2018.

“For us it was a good year. We managed to maintain a growth rate of exports and sales including in the Republic of Moldova. A growth rate of about 20 percent,” said Victor Bostan, the shareholder of the winery.

The winemaker says last year he exported more than 12 million bottles of bottled wine.

“The largest export market is Romania, then Poland, the Czech Republic, the Baltic countries, China, and we have even more than 20% growth in these markets.” The rose can be highlighted as a wine, Saugvinion, Pinot Grigio, “said Victor Bostan, the shareholder of the winery.

“Equal sales are in the former CIS countries, some 30 percent, 30 percent in Europe, 30 percent in other countries,” said the National Office Vine and Wine, Elizaveta Breahna.

For 2019 winemakers want to conquer new markets.

“We already have sales, but we are targeting the markets of South Korea, America and Japan. We have great expectations,” said National Expert of Vine and Wine, Elizaveta Breahna.

More than 90 percent of the wine produced in Moldova is exported.


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