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The day of wine died down in Moldova. Last time?

Starting next year, the state stops financing the holiday, shifting its organization onto the shoulders of winemakers.

Our country is looking forward to this holiday every year. He is always welcome. And when, at the height of the wine war with Russia, hundreds of thousands of bottles of excellent nutmeg and chardonnay were destroyed at the warehouses near Moscow. And when the grape harvest was small due to hail. And even when the winemakers, complaining about the lack of markets, were afraid that the Moldovan wine would remain in the cellars. Wine Day is a national holiday for all of us.

Political choir

And already by a good tradition, he gathers in one place not only the residents of Moldova, but also guests from different corners of the earth. For several consecutive years, the top leadership of the country, supporting the strategic industry, has been taking part in festive events.

“This is a strategic sector for the country, more than 200 thousand Moldovan citizens work in this area, who provide a quarter of Moldova’s exports of agri-food products,” said Vasily Bumakov, Minister of Agriculture. – This year, despite a serious drought, the sector suffered the smallest losses, and we will have the best wines in the world! – he promised.

The fiery choir was danced at the opening by President Nikolai Timofti, Speaker Marian Lupu and Prime Minister Vladimir Filat.

Prime Minister Vladimir Filat and Parliament Speaker Marian Lupu “lit” at the festival.
Photo: Government Press Service

“This is a good event, thanks to which we continue our traditions,” dancing, to the tact of politicians, reasoned Elena, a resident of Chisinau. – Our people are cheerful, they like holidays, wine, and therefore, I think, such holidays should be continued. The only thing is that the exhibition department needed to be done a little more, because people are crowding and it is clear that they do not have enough space, ”she estimated the organization straight off.

Orders for winemakers with experience

Especially honored those who daily contributes to the development of winemaking in Moldova. Prime Minister Vladimir Filat thanked the companies for their work in the production and promotion of wine, noting that this is the most competitive agro-industrial products of Moldova in the international market. Filat presented to the representatives of the Purcari company the Grand Prix in the field of winemaking for this year. And President Nikolai Timofti awarded the company with the Order of the Republic. It is probably worth noting that this company has been engaged in winemaking for 185 years.

– It’s great to arrange such holidays, especially since the wine industry in your country is not one hundred years old! – Gaspar and Hanna from Denmark shared their opinions with KP and closely followed the award ceremony. – We do not have Moldovan wine and we were very interested to try it.

They liked it so much that already at the exhibition they bought five bottles of wine to bring it home.

– This is Moldova’s pride – winemaking! – commented on Anna, a resident of Russia, who specially came for the day of wine to Chisinau. – I got you a lot of fun! Such holidays are worth organizing, gathering all together and having fun. Together, the people will be able to preserve their traditions.


Anatoly Terzi, General Vice-Director of Bostavan Wineries:

– We are pleased that we were once again noted and given the National Prize. I think that in any case the holiday will not dissolve, but every year less and less wineries are present at it …- I think these are consequences of the crisis, but those remain – become stronger.

Representatives of Cricova:

“This year we did not sell wine, but showed new types and samples of labels on bottles. This year we are 60 years old, and we have already moved to a new stage of development. In the past two years, we have sold 10 million bottles of our products a year.


1 000 000 lei – this year the organization of the holiday cost this amount.

The state covered the expenses, the remaining costs were borne by the wine companies and sponsors. However, since 2013, the state is not going to “neither organize nor finance a holiday.” Since 2013, the costs of organizing the Day of Wine will be borne exclusively by winemakers.




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