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Cancellation of the celebration of the Day of Wine in Moldova will lead to the loss of tens of millions of lei

Due to the protests on the main square of Chisinau, the holding of the National Wine Day was in doubt. It will hit both winemakers and hotel business. As reported by the Agency for Tourism, the loss reached almost 70 million lei.

– It is enough to cancel this holiday once. If it is canceled this year, then in the future our foreign partners will already lose interest and trust in the event. This is most upsetting, – Stanislav Rusu, the deputy director of the Tourism Agency, quotes

According to the authorities, over 15 thousand foreign tourists, who were invited by local wine-makers, should arrive for the Day of Wine. Some guests from Germany, Belgium or Russia booked hotel rooms six months ago.

Representatives of wine companies announced that in case of a change in the location of the festival, they would not participate in the festival.

– Wineries are not very happy to change the venue of the holiday for several reasons – both economic and technical. Because changing the venue also means changing the prepared stands, their sizes. They believe that the holiday should take place on the Great National Assembly Square, – explains the Deputy Minister of Agriculture Edward Gramma.

This year, the government intends to spend over 2.5 million lei to organize and hold the National Wine Day. It should involve 45 wine companies in the country.

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