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General data

General data:

Grapes processed in 2018: 356 000 tonnes (+ 14.5% *)

Moldovan wine offer at the beginning of the wine year 2018-2019: 34 000 000 DAL (+ 6% *)

consisting of:

wine stocks as of 31.07.2018: 15 mln dal (+ 7% *)

volume of wine produced in 2018: 19 million dal (+ 5% *)

General conclusion:

Given the phenomenon of overproduction of wine, caused by the most important harvest in the last 14 years worldwide, but also by a stagnation of the quantity of wine consumed, registered in the last 10 years, the Republic of Moldova, which recorded 2 consecutive record harvests , it managed to keep the main export indicators relatively constant, the decrease being insignificant.

Weather conditions and development of vines in 2019

· For the vineyards, the weather conditions of the wine year 2018-2019, were relatively favorable, except for some localities, where there was a deficit of humidity or excess humidity, as well as precipitation with hail;

· The thermal regime of the air / soil of the wine year 2018-2019 favored the speeding up the evolution of the vines phenophases. As a result, the grape harvest in 2019 will start about 12-15 days earlier than 2017 and about 2-5 days later than in 2018;

· The phytosanitary state of the grapes in the baking phase is excellent. The raw material is characterized by a good development of the process of accumulation of sugar, coloring and aromatic substances. Reaching the phenolic maturity for the reference variety Black Feteas is predicted for the period September 10-20.

Crop estimates – 2019

· Area of ​​vineyards in all categories of households – about 130.0 thousand ha ↓ (133 thousand ha in 2018)

· Area of ​​vineyards in households producing goods – about 82.5 thousand ha ↑ (82 thousand ha in 2018)

· Forecast of global grape production overall in the country – 700 thousand tons ↓ (730 thousand tons in 2018)

· Forecast of global grape production in commodity production households – 460 thousand tons ↑ (445 thousand tons in 2018)

· The volume of grapes available for processing, total – about 330 thousand tons ↓ (356 thousand tons in 2018)

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