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Wine industry representatives awarded for exceptional performance

The most skilled winemakers of Moldova were awarded on the occasion of the National Wine Day. Grand Prix for exceptional achievements in the wine industry received the company “Vinăria din Vale”. The prize was presented by the head of the cabinet, Iurie Leanca.

Vladimir Davidescu, General Director of “Vinăria din Vale”: “We are proud that our activities have been rated the main prize. We are trying to introduce the latest technology to create quality wines for local and international markets. ”

For exceptional success in the wine industry, Oenologist Arkady Foshnia was awarded the medal “In commemoration of the 120th anniversary of the birth of Peter Ungurean”, established for the first time. The expert received an award from the hands of the Minister of Agriculture and Food Industry, Vasily Bumakov.

Arkady Foshnia, oenologist, “Chateau Vartely”: “It is a great honor for me to receive such an award. Thank you for appreciating my work. ”

In connection with the holiday, the State Agency on Intellectual Property awarded the National Office of Vine and Wine with a certificate for the right to use the brand “Wine of Moldova”.

Dumitru Munteanu, Director of the National Office of Vine and Wine: “This document gives us exclusive rights to use the brand“ Wine of Moldova ”. We hope to continue successfully promoting this brand so that Moldova Wine will get deserved popularity.”

The awards did not go around and private winemakers producing wine at home. They were awarded in the framework of the contest “Golden Barrel”. The competition, which is held for the 13th time, with the support of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Moldova, was attended by 600 kinds of wine. 7 finalists received a wooden barrel, as well as greetings from representatives of the Parliament, Government and Moldovan business.

Igor Korman, Chairman of the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova: “I want to congratulate all the participants of the competition and all the winemakers of Moldova. Wine is a symbol of our country and I am proud that this drink glorifies our state beyond its borders. And therefore I am glad that the field of winemaking is in constant development. ”

VINMOLDOVA.MD // Press release of the National Bureau of Grapes and Wine

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