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The program of the 2014 Wine School on 4 and 5 October

The Wine School invites to the tastings organized on the occasion of the National Wine Day in Moldova.

All participants are expected in the Great National Assembly Square, in the tents of the Wine School (2 tents), on October 4 and 5, starting at 13:45, at the wine culture lessons.

During a tasting the participants will have the opportunity to:
1. To taste and appreciate 3-4 quality wines from Moldovan producers
2. Receive a wine amateur diploma
3. Learn to taste wine as a professional

The price of a Masterclass ticket is 50 lei. For students, based on the student card, 25 lei.
Tickets can be found on and

VINMOLDOVA.MD // School of Wine 2014 on the occasion of the National Wine Day

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