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This year half the tourists will visit the Wine Day in Moldova

The number of tourists visiting the “Day of Wine” holiday in Moldova this year will be 50% lower compared with last year’s figures, said Edward Grama, Vice Minister of Agriculture and Food Industry.

This year, for the first time, the national holiday “Wine Day” will not be held at the Great National Assembly Square in Chisinau, but separately at each wine-making enterprise in the country. The decision was taken by the Republican commission on the organization of festive events due to the fact that the area of ​​the Grand National Assembly is occupied by the protesters.

“Last year, the total number of visitors to the holiday was 130-140 thousand people, of which about 10% are tourists. That is, the Day of Wine 2014 was visited by about 15 thousand foreigners. This year, we expect less than half the tourists to come, ”said Grama.

The official believes that there will be those foreigners who, in spite of the current situation, will come to celebrate the “Day of Wine” in Moldova and will visit local wineries.

“For such tourists, we have prepared interesting routes so that they have the opportunity to visit wineries and other sights of the republic. Thus, we intend to somehow cover the losses due to the fact that “Wine Day” this year is not celebrated in the Square of the Grand National Assembly, ”said Thunderstorm.

The Agency for Tourism of Moldova has calculated the losses incurred by the republic as a result of a change in the format of the celebration of the “Day of Wine”. It is about 8-10 million euros.

The holiday “Wine Day” in Moldova annually attracts thousands of visitors from both local residents and tourists. Last year, during two holidays, tourists from 37 countries visited Moldova. Most of them arrived in Chisinau from Romania, Russia, USA, Germany and Turkey. During last year’s holiday, more than 95,000 bottles of liquor were sold. The revenue of 45 wine-makers who displayed their products in the Square of the Grand National Assembly in the capital reached 5 million lei.

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