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Valeriu Strelet: The Day of Wine will be held on the square, but it is unknown when

The day of wine in Moldova will take place, but so far it is not known where and when. On the eve of the Federation for the Development of Tourism appealed to the government. According to its representatives, thousands of tourists should come to us – and this is a solid increase in the budget, which is going through difficult times.

Agriculture Minister Ion Suly discussed the situation with winemakers, he said that the holiday could take place on the Grand National Assembly Square only if there are guarantees that the protesters in the center of the capital will give way to organizing the event.

Other places are not considered yet. The final decision will be made today.

– In terms of logistics, organizing a holiday elsewhere will create obstacles. In recent years, we have had an impressive flow of people — almost 130 thousand visitors, the minister added.

Valery Strelets agrees that there is no better place than the square.

The head of government stressed that negotiations have already begun on preserving the tradition, which is so pleasant not only to the residents of Moldova, but also to guests of the capital.

“We are already negotiating, primarily with the wine producers, because it is a national holiday and an opportunity for them to promote their products. We very much hope to have a Day of Wine this year, because we have a great harvest of grapes. The quality is very good. In addition, this the holiday is known to foreign tourists. Some embassies want to present national dishes, it was planned in advance, “said Sagittarius, adding that the date of the holiday will be named after the final decision.

“Usually, this is the first weekend of October, but this time, perhaps, the celebration will be postponed for a week,” the premier stressed.

The Minister of Agriculture Ion Sula, in turn, said that his department did not directly appeal to the protesters with a request to release the central square of Chisinau during the celebration of the Day of Wine.

On the eve, the Moldovan Tourism Development Federation (FRTM) expressed concern about the situation. According to the members of the FFTC, the Day of Wine has already become a tradition, and such a decision by winemakers can have a number of negative consequences both for the image of Moldova and for tourism agencies, which will suffer serious losses.

The federation believes that the abolition of the celebration of the Day of Wine will create difficulties for thousands of tourists who have planned a visit to Moldova for the Day of Wine, purchased air tickets for this, and also booked and paid for accommodation, “the federation said in a statement.

Therefore, FRTM offered to celebrate the Day of Wine on the boulevard of Stefan cel Mare from Pushkin streets to Izmail street.

The Day of Wine has been celebrated in Moldova since 2002. Last year, over 10 thousand foreign tourists visited the country during the holiday.

Komsomolskaya Pravda in Moldova, Sputnik Moldova

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