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Gustos Life platform, in partnership with, has published a series of online international tastings events of Moldovan wine with preliminary delivery of wine bottles not only to Moldova but also to countries all around the world.

The first such event, Moldova Wines in Europe, will take place on September 25 at 20.00 (Moldova time) and is intended for the diaspora living in European countries.


Delivery of the wines featured in tasting event takes from 30 hours up to 6 days and is available for the following countries: Portugal, Spain, Romania, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Hungary, the Netherlands, Italy, Luxembourg, Lithuania, Poland, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Estonia, Finland, Ireland, Norway, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Malta, Slovakia, Latvia and Cyprus.


Moreover, the platform intends to organise upcoming tasting events aimed at creating an international channel for the promotion of Moldovan wine worldwide. In particular, the events: Moldova Wines in Europe 2nd edition, Moldova Wines in Asia, Moldova Wines in Australia, Moldova Wines in New Zealand, Moldova Wines in the USA, etc.


This way local wine producers can benefit now from a global online channel of communication with their international consumers by organizing and conducting wine tastings, for which there are both – a technical and logistical solution, and also sommeliers who speak English, Portuguese, Romanian, French and Russian.


We look forward to new events – in the meantime, let’s share and invite friends from Europe to participate in Moldova Wines in Europe

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