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The second edition of the Moldovan Wine Festival was held on September 14 and 15

“Created to be savored” is the message with which Moldovan winemakers gathered under the umbrella of the country wine brand, “Wine of Moldova. A legend alive ”invited the Romanian public to discover the wines, the music and the national gastronomy. The second edition of the Moldovan Wine Festival was held on September 14 and 15 at Lagoo Snagov, located in a commune near Bucharest. The event dedicated to the product of national pride in Snagov, this year, comes after similar events took place in Cluj and Brașov.

The Moldovan Wine Festival in Romania is organized at the initiative of the National Vineyard Office of Wine, a public-private institution responsible for promoting the Moldovan Wine abroad, especially on the target markets. The Romanian market has a strategic importance for the export of Moldovan wines, being the second largest.

Irina Bîstrițchi, deputy director, National Office of Vine and Wine: “This year, the Snagov Moldovan Wine Festival is held according to the same format and principle and we preferred to keep the location of the event. We consider this to be the right formula for promoting Moldovan Wine on the Romanian market: a combination of quality music, Moldovan Wine and Moldovan gastronomy. We are glad that more people came this year than last year, and the presence of a greater number of wineries has made a huge contribution. ”

Visitors to the event were able to admire a grandiose creation – a traditional rug over 100 meters of hand-woven fabric, which also inspired the graphic identity of the event.

More than 200 wines from 32 wine producers were exhibited and offered for tasting at the Moldovan Wine Festival. For two days, famous artists from Moldova and Romania took to the stage in Lagoo, and the event’s host was a well-known wine blogger and sommelier from Romania – Cosmin Tudoran. On the first day of the event there were several sessions of Wine Talks and Wine Stories, oenological information and education episodes dedicated to those interested in learning more about some of the most award-winning wines in the world.

In the next period, the Moldovan Wine Festival in Romania will be held in the cities of Iasi and Baia Mare.


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