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New rules for selling grapes

 Ð 'Ð2ðµððµðµð½ñMoldovan Winemakers will be able to sell grapes only after receiving a safety certificate from the National food safety Agency (ANSA) and entry in the State register of phytosanitary products and fertilizers. The safety certificate is issued on the basis of the results of laboratory analysis or on the basis of an application under personal responsibility for compliance with the rules for the use of phytosanitary products and fertilizers. What a bunch of giants, grown in Moldova? In order to obtain a certificate, laboratory tests, the grape producer must contact the local territorial Bureau ANSA, experts who take samples and product samples and send them to an accredited laboratory. The safety certificate on the basis of the Declaration under their own responsibility can be obtained, if the manufacturer will submit a copy of the records on the use of phytosanitary products and fertilizers for this year, animals registry, as well as copies of cash receipts or invoices, tax, confirming the purchase of plant protection products and fertilizers.


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