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Closed meeting of the Republican Commission on the organization of the Day of Wine will be held on Thursday

A closed meeting of the Republican Commission on the organization of the Day of Wine will be held on Thursday. If the majority of members of the republican commission for organizing the Day of Wine decides that this national holiday is not worth spending in 2015, the Ministry of Agriculture will obey this decision, Alexander Tonu, adviser to the head of the Ministry of Agriculture, told Sputnik on Wednesday.

The commission, which includes members of the government, representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Economy, Chisinau City Hall, the Agency for Tourism and wine-makers, will hold a closed meeting on Thursday to determine the fate of the holiday.

“At this meeting, wine producers will present their demands. After that, statements will be made to the press,” said Tonu.

Earlier, the chairman of the Moldovan Union of Winemakers, Georgy Arpentin, told Sputnik that now the political and economic situation in the country does not have a holiday. In addition, the central square of Chisinau is occupied by protesters. According to Arpentin, during a number of meetings all winemakers unanimously decided to cancel the celebration, but finally everything will become clear after the meeting of the republican commission. According to him, another argument against holding a holiday is that its organization requires about 3 million lei.

The Federation of Tourism Development of Moldova (FRTM) on September 15 expressed concern about the situation. According to the members of the FFTC, the Day of Wine has already become a tradition, and such a decision by winemakers can have a number of negative consequences both for the image of Moldova and for tourism agencies, which will suffer serious losses.

The federation believes that “the abolition of the celebration of the Day of Wine will create difficulties for thousands of tourists who have planned to visit Moldova for the Day of Wine, have purchased air tickets for this, and have also booked and paid for their accommodation.”

Therefore, FRTM offered to celebrate the Day of Wine on the boulevard of Stefan cel Mare from Pushkin streets to Izmail street.

Earlier, Moldovan Prime Minister Valeriu Strelet on the air of one of the local TV channels asked the protesters on the square of the Grand National Assembly to release her during the celebration of the Day of Wine, which has been celebrated in Moldova since 2002.

It always takes place on the first weekend of October. Last year, over 10 thousand foreign tourists visited the country during the holiday.

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