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Moldovan wine is the “golden record” at the International Galicja Vitis Competition in Poland

Moldovan wine won the European jury of the international competition “Galicja Vitis”, which took place on May 17-18 in Poland, with its European quality. Thanks to the support of the National Office of Grapes and Wine, 16 Moldovan producers, united under the single wine brand “Wine of Moldova”, proved to be excellent, receiving 37 gold medals – the highest number of awards among all participants.

Georgy Arpentin, Director of the National Office of Grapes and Wine:
“Today, Poland is the largest importer of Moldovan bottled wine. We managed to convince Polish consumers of the excellent quality of Moldovan wines, obtained as a result of the remarkable transformation of the wine industry in recent years. Now we are striving to stand out among Polish professionals and wine connoisseurs. If last year we participated with about 50 samples, this year, we practically doubled our presence in the competition. We are pleased that the generous evaluation of the jury underlined the undeniable progress in the quality of the “Wines of Moldova”. ”

The jury of the competition, consisting of experienced oenologists and sommeliers, tasted about 400 samples of wines and evaluated them on a 100-point scale. 16 Moldavian producers presented 85 samples, which competed in 8 main categories: white wines, rosé wines, red wines, sparkling and semi-sparkling wines, white wines from red grapes, white wines produced using a special technology, naturally sweet wines and liqueur wines. the wine.

Wine companies such as Bostavan, Fautor, Basarabia-Lwin Invest, Albastrele Wines, Purcari, Vinaria din Vale, Salcuta, Migdal-P, Chateau Vartely, Alianta-Vin, Doina Vin, Castel Mimi, Vinaria Nobila and Maurt shared 35 gold medals ( from 86 points and above), and the manufacturers of Garling and Tomai were awarded top honors: “Champion Gold Medal” (90 points) and, accordingly, “Grand Gold Medal” (92 points). About 40 samples of the “Wine of Moldova” received silver medals.

Thus, our winemakers became the undisputed leaders in the list of winners from 9 countries: Slovakia (37 gold medals), Poland (12 gold medals), Czech Republic (11 gold medals), Georgia (11 gold medals), Germany (6 gold medals), Hungary (5 gold medals), Slovenia (2 gold medals), Austria (1 gold medal) and Portugal (1 gold medal).

International Competition “Galicja Vitis” was held for the 8th time in the city of Krakow. The event is organized by the Galicja Vitis Foundation for the Development and Promotion of Winemaking. The main mission of the competition is to promote the culture of wine in the region, to strengthen cooperation with the wine-making countries of Central Europe and to compare local wines with wine products produced in other countries of the world. In 2017, Poland imported 7,467,896 bottles of wine from the Republic of Moldova, becoming the largest consumer in the world. In terms of export value, Poland ranks third, after China and Romania ($ 9,044,889).

VINMOLDOVA.MD // Press release of the National Bureau of Grapes and Wine

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