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Georgia intends to conquer Mars using wine

Georgia intends to conquer Mars with the help of wine.

According to Ren.TV, a group of scientists and experts joined the project for the development of the Red Planet, and in order to contribute to the colonization of Mars, Tbilisi is going to grow grapevine there.

Already developed a special vertical greenhouse, its testing will begin in September of this year.

Grapes will also be a special variety. His – the Martian – have not yet withdrawn, the scientists have just begun this task.

And if Mars manages to grow a vine, it will be not only another discovery in the field of space exploration, but also a breakthrough in Georgian winemaking, which is already more than 8 thousand years old.

And it can reach a cosmic scale.

For Moldova, this is a truly sacred product, which is produced on an industrial scale.
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