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The EU has created a single database where you can verify the reliability of protected wine names

The European Commission has created a single electronic database that allows you to verify the authenticity of the protected geographical name of European wines.

“Spirits are now available on the eAmbrosia centralized registry of geographical indications,” the EC said on Wednesday.

ЕС создал единую базу, где можно проверить достоверность защищенных наименований вин

Previously, the EU had three separate databases (E-Bacchus, e-Spirit and DOOR) for geographical names of wines, spirits and food.

“For simplicity and transparency, the public database eAmbrosia was launched, it will gradually include all 3.2 thousand protected items in the EU. It is expected that by the end of the year agricultural and food products will also be included,” the commission explained.

“The registry is publicly available. Registered names are available on the network for all those who want to see their production specifications,” RIA Novosti said, commenting on information about the service, an official at the EC.

Currently, the electronic catalog already includes more than 1.6 thousand items indicating the country of origin, type of protected name, individual number, name and date of registration of wine.


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