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The event was held under the patronage of the International organization of viticulture and winemaking with the support of the Ministry of agriculture of the Russian Federation, Bulgarian chamber of Commerce and industry, Varna municipality and the Union of oenologists in Bulgaria.

Organizational partner of the forum were the Association of winemakers of Gagauzia “GAGAUZIA-VIN”.

At the forum the delegation of Gagauzia was represented by Executive Director of the Association “GAGAUZIA-VIN” Maxim Raileanu, managers of wineries SRL “Tartcomvin” Andriy Novak, SA “Tomai–Vinex” Constantin Seebach, commercial Director of SRL “DK – Intertrade” Esanu Radu, Deputy head of the Main Department of agroindustrial complex of Gagauzia, Ludmila Fileva.

The black sea forum, apart from organizing its annual meeting, working on a permanent basis and is a public organization with regularly held at different venues of events, such as conferences, exhibitions, tastings, competitions.

Wine making as an economic sector tied to the place of origin of raw materials and production of the product, and therefore in dire need of protection for its geographical and cultural uniqueness. The preservation of traditions, support the production of authentic culture of the country wine is the goal of the participants of the black sea forum winemaking notes in a press release of management of agriculture of Gagauzia.

Among the winners of International tasting contest “Wine of the Black sea – 2018” took a prominent place and wineries of Gagauzia:

1. SRL “Tartcomvin” – Alb de Onițcani Classic 2017 – gold
– CHARDONNAY LIMITED 2016 – silver

2. SA “Tomai–Vinex” – Bugeac Merlo 2009 – gold
– Bugeac Cabernet 2009 – gold

3. SRL “DK – Intertrade”- Sauvignon Blanc 2017 – gold
– Kagor Pastoral 2016 – best
– Rosu de Nisporeni 2016 – best


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