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Грузинский винодел Яго Битарашвили

Yago Bitarashvili’s winery is located in the Georgian village of Chardakhi. It is a country house with a large veranda for guests and a wine warehouse (marani) with ceramic kvevri, where the wine “ripens”. Iago makes “biological wines”, in the production of which preservatives are not used. In a year, it produces approximately five thousand bottles of the Chinuri variety and exports them to France, Italy, the United Kingdom, Denmark, the USA, Spain, Germany, Japan and even Australia.
In our country, demand, according to Iago, also exists, “but so far no small cellar can sell Georgian wine in Russia, since Rospotrebnadzor issues licenses only to large and single companies.”

“As for the Ritz,” says Iago, “in this story, my importer Les Cave de Pyren played a big role, which held various events in London where the sommelier Ritsa tried my products. At that moment they were looking for wine and chose 5 “orange” wines, including my “Chinuri” in 2013. And only after that I personally got acquainted with the main sommelier of “Ritsa”.
In addition to the London hotel, my wine can be enjoyed at one of the most expensive hotels in Melbourne – Vue de monde, as well as one of the most famous restaurants in the world – Noma in Copenhagen. In other countries, wine is sold in boutiques and specialized stores. ”
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