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Alcohol produced from the wine materials will be labeled

Special labeling will appear on the labels of alcohol products made from wine materials. This will distinguish it from alcohol made from grapes, reports on Thursday, July 4, TASS, citing a source in the press service of the Cabinet.

“Following the consideration of two bills on amendments to the Tax Code in terms of tax control in the production and control of ethyl alcohol, alcoholic and alcohol-containing products, attention was drawn to the need to record in the meeting minutes the order to work out the issue of winemaking made from wine materials, ”- said the agency interlocutor.

In Russia, on July 1, new rules on the procurement of certain types of imported wines came into force. So, purchases of drinks for state and municipal needs will be limited. The rules will affect not only foreign wines, but also sparkling, liqueur and fruit drinks.

According to experts, such measures will allow Russian winemakers to expand production and improve the quality of the produced goods.

Фото: ИЗВЕСТИЯ/Михаил Терещенко


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