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Russian VODKA №1 in the WORLD ON Board of the airline “ETHIOPIAN airlines”

Русский Стандарт Водка

 01 August 2018, St. Petersburg the Company “Russian standard Vodka”, the manufacturer of Russian vodka №1 in the world*, announces the victory in the tender for the supply of products for the largest air carrier in the domestic market of Africa – Ethiopian airlines.


After Beating strong competitors, Russian Standard became an exclusive vodka brand on all flights operated by Ethiopian airlines.

Founded in 1945, Ethiopian airlines is Ethiopia’s flagship state-owned airline and the largest airline in Africa. Ethiopian airlines carries over 7 million passengers annually on more than 105 international flights, including Frankfurt, London, Rome, Vienna, Sao Paulo, Shanghai and Singapore, as well as over 25 domestic flights.

Elina Frouin, managing Di rector of the duty-free segment of the rust Group of companies comments: “the victory in the tender of Ethiopian airlines”along with other achievements contributes to the global success of The Russian Standard brand and the expansion of its presence in the African market. Our loyal customers can now treat themselves to Russian Standard vodka on 15 major international airlines around the world.”on the website 

Today “Russian Standard” is one of the largest premium brands in the international duty free channel. At the end of 2017, the brand’s sales in this channel increased by 4%, reaching 223 600 9L boxes. The brand is available in more than 80 countries and 1,000 international airports.

*Source: online using shanken’on the website using with impact Bulletin (2018).on the website 

About “Russian standard Vodka” 

Russian standard Vodka Is a world leader in the production of premium Russian vodka. Products of the brand “Russian Standard” dominates the premium segment of the vodka market in Russia. Every year the company sells 3.4 million boxes of its products in Russia and in more than 80 countries in Europe, America and Asia. Rustam Tariko was the first who created real Russian vodka of premium quality. The product is made only from the best ingredients, according to the recipe developed on the basis of scientific works of the famous Russian chemist D. I. Mendeleev and approved by the Tsar’s decree as the only authentic recipe of Russian vodka. Two years after its launch, vodka “Russian standard original” was ahead of all imported premium brands on the Russian market, and then crossed its borders and entered foreign markets. In 2001, the brand “Russian standard platinum” was released, in 2004-“Empire”, and in 2008-“Russian Standard gold”.

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