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Шампанское в России подорожает на четверть The price has not changed since 2016
Nizhny Novgorod. January 2 – It has become known that in 2019 the price of champagne in Russia will grow by a quarter, or rather by 23%. This is reported by the Association of sparkling wine producers.

Currently, the minimum retail price for a 0.75 liter bottle of champagne is 164 rubles. This price has been holding since 2016.

GfK experts interviewed household representatives in urban and rural areas from April 2017 to March 2018 in comparison with the figures for the same period a year earlier.

The survey showed that 86% of households buy strong alcohol, still wines, champagnes and sparkling wines at least once a year. In the year per family accounts for 10 liters of wine. This is almost half the annual volume of purchases of alcohol. At the same time, 59% of Russians buy wine at least once a year, which is 1.5% more often than a year earlier.
Wine turned out to be the most popular alcoholic drink. Over the year, its consumption increased by 8.8%. The average Russian buys wine seven times a year, and the average purchase amount is 1.4 liters. About ten liters of this alcohol are drunk per family per year.

On average, according to GfK, citizens buy wine seven times a year, 1.4 liters per visit to the store. In general, the consumption of wines in Russia has recently increased by 8.8% in physical terms.

In 2017, the average Russian drank 10 liters of pure alcohol per year. In terms of weekly consumption, this will give us about 330 ml of alcohol per week. That is, more than one and a half bottles of vodka (200 ml of pure alcohol), or more than three bottles of wine (105 ml), or 13 cans of beer.


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