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Blue wine and champagne will be made in Lebanon

globallookpress / Harry Laub


The owner of the winery Chateau Wadih in the mountainous part of Lebanon, Peter abi Yunes announced the launch of the production of blue wine and champagne. Advises his specialist from France, where they also launch the production of blue wine.

Yunes hopes that the new product will bring the wine market of Lebanon to a new level. Become a winemaker surgeon is going to get a dye from black grapes, which has such a pigment, reports Sputnik News.

It is necessary to add this natural dye in white wine, as it immediately becomes blue or blue. Yunes is going to make dry and dessert blue wines. He notes that only through medical education, he was able to deduce the formula for the correct blue.

The idea of blue wine Lebanese took from the Spaniards, but remade it to the perfect color. In the future, he is going to produce non-alcoholic Apple cider, which will be sent to the Gulf countries, where alcohol is banned. And the first batch of blue wine will go to Italy this summer.

And if everything goes well, and the gourmets will taste the wine, the Yunes will start production of blue champagne, for which everything is ready.


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