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The question of the fate of Georgian wines

Russian wine can easily  to replace the Georgian, if its import is prohibited. This opinion was expressed by the president of the union of winegrowers and winemakers Leonid Popovich, reports the radio station “Moscow says.”

In his opinion, Russian wine lovers should not be deprived of the opportunity to purchase imported drinks from Georgia. However, Popovich acknowledged that if Georgian wines are banned, the demand for Russian wine in the domestic market will increase.

“Although, of course, [with the ban], competition will decrease a little bit, they will buy more Russian wine, it will easily replace Georgian wine if such a decision is made,” he said. However, Popovich noted that Russian manufacturers and without an embargo make good competition to Georgian products.

Former Chief Medical Officer of Russia Gennady Onishchenko also expressed hope for the preservation of trade relations between Russia and Georgia in its current form. “As to import or not import, here is one criterion. If the wine meets all the parameters, if it is of high quality, then here I see no obstacles, ”he said. Onishchenko noted that in the current situation there is no need to impose an import ban in order to ensure the safety of Russian citizens.

Earlier, the network proposed to ban Georgian wines and mineral water. This happened after protest rallies were held in Tbilisi on June 20, during which the protesters opposed the participation of Russian delegates in the session of the Inter-Parliamentary Assembly of Orthodoxy.

As a result of the protests in Georgia, hundreds of people were injured, the police used tear gas and rubber bullets to pacify the crowd. After the events in Tbilisi, Russian President Vladimir Putin has banned Russian airlines from flying to Georgia.


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