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Wine house Gancia once again gets an ” Oscar»


August 8, 2018, Canelli, Italy  — Wine house Gancia, producer of the first sparkling wine in Italy, announces the receipt of high awards at the National wine competition in Italy Douja d’or.

The annual Douja d’or competition has been held since 1973 among the wines of DOC and DOCG categories, which are subject to strict evaluation by The Italian Federation of wine tasters and the chamber of Commerce of the province of Asti, one of the most important wine regions of Italy.

According to the results of blind tastings the House of Gancia has been awarded two “Oscars” — for the wine Alta Langa DOCG Riserva Cuvée 60 Mesi 2009 and Gancia Brachetto d’acqui Spumante DOCG, which are scored in accordance with the rating scale of quality wines tasting Federation more than 90 points out of 100.

High awards once again confirm the impeccable taste and high quality of sparkling wines Gancia. Producer of the first sparkling wine in Italy, House Gancia and today, 160 years later, sets high standards of excellence and is one of the best examples of Made in Italy.

the global success of Gancia sparkling wines continues to grow. At the end of 2017, the brand’s sales increased by a noticeable 39% compared to the previous year. In Russia, Gancia’s sales increased in 2017 compared to a year earlier by more than 2 times.

About Wine house Gancia

Wine house Gancia, founded in 1850 by the Creator of the first Italian sparkling wine Carlo Gancha, is a world leader in the production of Italian sparkling wines, aperitifs and vermouth. Gancia company in Canelli, the heart of the Asti region, produces sparkling wines and aperitifs for more than 60 countries. In the line of sparkling wines are wines from sweet to dry, from the method of charm to rare vintages with more than five years of exposure. Wine house Gancia is part of the group of companies “rust”.

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about Roust Group of companies

alcohol group of companies “rust” is the second largest producer of vodka in the world with annual sales of more than 30 million 9-liter boxes in more than 80 international markets. “Roust” is the largest integrated producer and distributor of alcoholic beverages in Central and Eastern Europe, having production facilities and distribution centers in Poland, Hungary, Russia and Italy.

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