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Georgia will dedicate the whole month of autumn to wine

Most of the events are planned in the main wine region of Georgia-Kakheti

In Georgia from 5 to 21 October National wine Agency will celebrate the Days of Georgian wine “Ginobili 2018” is the name of October on the Georgian calendar.

The festival of enophiles starts from the heart of Kakheti, the Georgian city of Telavi. It is part of the event is to be called “Calavino 2018,” and will celebrate it in the Old city garden, is spoken in the message of organizers.

Guests of the opening are waiting for wine tasting, wine products fair, as well as ethnographic exhibitions and exhibition and sale of products with a common wine theme-photos, paintings, ceramics, textiles and more. In Telavi also scheduled folk and musical performances, performances of animators for children.

Days of Georgian wine will continue on October 12 in Marneuli (Kvemo-Kartli), on the territory of the local Center of culture. Visitors of the event will have an excursion into the”History of Georgian wine of Georgia”. In the Marneuli part of the festival wine tastings, fair of handmade products, master classes on clay processing, competition for the best winemaker and spectacular ceremony of grape juice extraction are expected.

Then the baton takes again the Kakheti region and the city of Gurjaani, where October 13 will be an international wine festival. Akhtala in the Park will be held degustation of Kakhetian and European wines, the exhibition of copyright products, a stylized production, ethnographic, autumn pavilions culinary gifts to the public, as well as large-scale demonstration of squeezing grapes in zaznacheny (the winepress). The event will conclude with a screening of the film “Georgia – cradle of wine”, which will be held in Gurjaani the center of cultures.

In parallel with Gurjaani on October 13 the holiday will be celebrated in the capital of Georgia, on Sioni street.
In one of the Tbilisi bars and restaurants (“Polyphony”) on October 15, at the initiative of the wine tourism Association and the National wine Agency, the evening “Wine Feeling 2018″is planned. The program of the evening – lectures on topics such as varieties of vines, varieties of wine, the interests of wine tourism, tasting with a snack and more. The event will be held by the founder of the wine company “Tears of wheat” John Wunderman. Tour operators, wine guides and representatives of the wine sector – sommeliers and wine experts will be invited to the evening.

The wine month will also end in Tbilisi, at the Winery №1 (Petriashvili street, №1), the festival action “Small Marani on the big arena”, October 17. The organizer of the event is the wine Club. Leading the event will be writer and founder of the Tbilisi wine club Malkhaz Kharbedia. He will talk about winemaking and will acquaint the participants with the products of the project and the stories of their brands in detail, after which all the guests will wait for a buffet. The festival will be attended by about 40 wineries (Marani).

On October 20-21, the ceremony of awarding the winners of the national competition of Georgian wine will take place.


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