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Winegrowers are seeking to include Lithuania in the list of countries producing wine

This summer for grapes — the best in the last 35 years, Lithuanian winegrowers do not remember such large crops, which received this year, according to the channel LNK.

The winegrowers Association brings together about fifty members, growing grapes in half anymore, but they are not included in this organization. Lithuanian producers who are engaged in the selection of grape varieties seek to ensure that Lithuania was included in the list of countries producing wine.

Steaponas Puypa, who grows 54 grape varieties, says that it is already possible to grow good quality grapes in Lithuania: “there Are new grape varieties suitable for cultivation in Lithuania.”

Currently, the use of Lithuanian grapes is not very extensive: juice, grape wine and fresh food grapes are produced.

Wine consultant Jolanta Secene carefully evaluates the prospects of viticulture.

“In Lithuania, the soil is somewhat unfavorable, it is too fertile. ( … ) Climatic conditions seem to be approaching the European, if we talk about Germany, Austria, Northern France — the weather is very similar, but not the soil. Also very important is the experience of growing vines. It will take the Lithuanians a century, ” she said.


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