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“Golden Parade” of Armenia Wine

YEREVAN, September 9. News-Armenia. “Tariri” is the queen of wines, the best of Armenian wines. ”This was announced during the award ceremony at the international competition“ Grand International Wine Award MUNDUS VINI ”in Germany.

170 international experts from 45 countries tasted and evaluated for several weeks, and then selected the best wines in the world.

Armenia Wine Company rose to the podium as a gold medalist.

At the reputable 24th Grand International Wine Award MUNDUS VINI competition, the dry white Tariri wine produced in 2017 by Armenia Wine, along with international brands, was awarded the Best of Show Armenia gold medal. For the first time, Armenian white wine in the face of “Tariri” was awarded such a high and authoritative award.

Within the framework of the “MUNDUS VINI Summer Tasting 2019” competition founded 18 years ago in Germany and won worldwide fame, the triumph of Armenia Wine was not limited to the “golden parade”: the “Takar” rose wine and the “Takar” red table wine also won the silver medal 2017 harvest.

“The peculiarity of Armenian wine is that you feel something that you cannot express in words,” a member of the international jury representing France expressed this assessment of the great chansonnier Charles Aznavour to our French winemaker, expressing admiration for the “Tariri” wine and expressing readiness to visit the Armenia Wine winery in Armenia.

“Armenia Wine’s dreams become reality … We have awards from various international competitions, however, for the first time, Armenian white wine has received such high marks. We are proud to say this, because the competition is fierce, wines from around the world were presented,” said Jean Baptiste Sulan is the chief adviser to Armenia Wine from the French city of Bordeaux.

The guests gathered were interested in what is the secret of the name of the wine “Tariri” and what is shown on the label.

Super-premium Tariri wine is reminiscent of a real journey to the origins of Armenian winemaking. Ancient Urartian cuneiform tells about the magnificent gardens of Tariri – the daughter of King Menua. They say that according to tradition in the Urartian kingdom, the king’s daughters and future queens received vineyards as gifts. they, who sought to prosper the gardens, could also take care of their families and the whole kingdom, “said the chief winemaker Grigor Aleksanyan.

Sulan, in turn, hastened to add that this wine is really unique: thanks to a blend of special grape varieties using French varieties Chenin, Aligote and Armenian Kangun, it is aged in French oak barrels


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