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Moscow vintners optimistic about Moldovan wines’ future on Russiam market

The Moldovan wine industry has bright perspectives as a whole, and a big future on the Russian market, stated experts from the Independent Wine Club of Russia after visiting several Moldovan major winemaking enterprises this month.

Club President Vladimir Tsapelik told Infotag he was impressed with the sector’s rapid progress. “It enjoys an avalanche of demand and great volumes of supply. We were particularly impressed by wines made by Lion Gri, Acorex, Vitis Hincesti, Dionysos Mereni. The Russian market is developing steadily, and the wine consumption is growing. Russians are actively switching from beer and vodka to high-quality natural wines”, said the Russian expert.

In his belief, prices on Moldovan wines on the Russian market may go up 2-3-fold in the near future. However, Moldova should not lose control of that growth, because at a certain level Moldovan wines may enter into a severe clash with Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and even French wines.

The Independent Wine Club of Russia experts, who toured Moldovan wineries and tasted their best products during a week, were unanimous in saying that the Moldovan winemaking industry should develop at a higher pace. For this, however, the sector should achieve the following two things: Government’s backing, and unification of all winemakers’ efforts to promote the Moldovan wine brand to the Russian market. “You need to have an organization that would be constantly present on our market”, presumes Vladimir Tsapelik.

Mrs. Tatyana Gagen, the Editor-in-Chief of “Sommelier”, the club’s prestigious magazine, presumes that Moldovan wines have a brighter perspective on the Russian market than, say, Georgian wines.

She explained that Russian consumers prefer dry, still wines of European sorts. Moldovan wines are exactly that kind, but enriched with bright national nuances, color and taste peculiarities. She is convinced Moldova has “colossal perspectives on our market”, particularly in the Premium category and the so-called “Restaurant Wines” category.

The delegation selected for scrutiny 16 varieties of Lion Gri wines, which they believe have particularly high chances for success on the vast Russian market.